Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New School Year

This summer we would find the girls all snuggled together quite frequently. (Each of them does have their own bed.)

Now that summer has gone, although it really doesn't feel like it...It is back to school and these girls are very excited!

Hannah (7) couldn't be happier starting school. She loves her Spanish immersion teacher and thanks me every day for putting her in the program. Katie (5) who is in half-day kindergarten, loves the idea of going to school but actually going is a bit scarier. She has a hard time transitioning to new things. Luckily her teacher realizes that attention just causes problems to escalate, so they give her the time she needs to transition. I love that her teacher will do that for her. She comes home every day talking non-stop about her day. She has started walking with Hannah to school without mom and dad and that seems to be helping. Madi (4 in one month) was not so excited that her preschool didn't start for 3 weeks. She has an endless amount of energy, swims like a fish, and can usually be found in a bathing suit or leotard and flip flops. It has been fun to spend time with just her and see how cute she is on her own. All the girls love being with friends and jump at the chance to have someone over to play.

This will be my last school year with one child home all day since Katie is in morning kindergarten and Madi is in afternoon preschool. I am trying to soak in the time I have with them and use it so that I can give Hannah the time she needs.

So with just one daughter around most of the time, what am I doing with my time?

Teaching 6 classes/week, leading 1 run and coordinating Run Club at Life Time Fitness
PTA President at the girl's school
Compassionate service leader at church
Helping Hannah practice Suzuki Violin
Reading with the girls for 40 minutes every day-20 minutes with Hannah/20 minutes with Katie and Madi reads to me as I pass out on the couch
Reorganizing all of my closets and cupboards-it is going very slowly but is lookin' good.

I am still managing to cook a handful of meals a week (usually in the crockpot) and keeping things presentable though not always bright and shiny at home. So, if there is not another post for quite some time you will know why!

Peter's work is keeping him busy. He has seen some major improvements in his speed and ability in the past 3 years. Owning your own business comes with many struggles but he seems to be taking them in stride. Peter's humor is definitely a plus in those more trying times. We are so blessed to have healthy children, time to spend with each other and sufficient for our needs.

I love being surrounded by family, friends, the school, teaching, church and the neighborhood. I love having so many great people be a part of my life. If you are reading this-you are definitely a part of my life! Thanks for the impact you have made on me, the memories we have shared, your smiles, and your friendship!


Leslie said...

Great post, Kim! You are really keeping busy with everything. The girls are adorable. Hope they have a great school year. Barrett is starting preschool this year a couple days a week and I will have my 2 year old home alone with me. It will be so fun to see him on his own (although I know he will miss his brother terribly). It will only be a few months before the baby comes in January.

I agree...Peter's sense of humor is really helpful to have around in times of stress. Love you guys!

Kelly said...

Glad you caught me up on what is going on in CO! Happy you are all well- so busy,right?!! Hope you have a fun fall- post pics of that too, okay?!!