Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Surprises at Parent Teacher conference

It's that time of year-parent teacher conferences. Did you have anything surprise you when you went to your most recent parent teacher conference?
Well, this was my first parent teacher conference of formal education, if you don't count the one I went to last year with Hannah's preschool teacher. I really like Hannah's teacher and am pleased that Hannah seems to be learning some new things and making great friends. It is nice to know that Hannah is well adjusted and having no problems in school. I was surprised however to find that one of the required shapes for the year was the Rhombus. What?!! By the end of the year Hannah should be able to recognize what most of us know to be a diamond as a rhombus. I don't remember when I learned that, but it was probably Geometry, so maybe freshman year of high school, although I'm sure I had to have been introduced to it earlier, but surely not kindergarten. I have been very impressed with Hannah's school and I think she is perfectly capable of learning what a rhombus is, but when Hannah has her testing at the end of the year, is rhombus going to be the first thought that comes to their mind when she sees a diamond? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.