Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How do you like our renovations


We are getting a new driveway today. After moving into our house, we realized the driveway was covered with footprints. We had to wait until it was warm enough for the concrete to set really well and this is the week. We wanted to make sure that if we ever sold our house, the new buyer wouldn't want us to replace the driveway due to the footprints. It is a very pricey venture. Now we should be covered.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Good Laugh

We were going to have pancakes for dinner and we have a mix that we make up and use. Peter put the mix in a bowl and I added an egg, some water and oil. They seemed kind of thick so Peter added some water. Then he tasted them and said they were weird. I just mixed up the mix this week and we had it once already. I took a taste and spit it out. They were gross. How could the pancakes taste so bad? Then I looked in the cupboard and started laughing. Peter had used wheat flour instead of using the mix We weren't fans of the wheatcakes you see below.

This is what a good pancake looks like. Here is the recipe we use. It is really tasty!
Wheat Pancake Mix
6 cups wheat flour
1 cup sugar
3 cups white flour
¼ cup baking powder
1½ cups powdered milk
1 tablespoon salt
2 cups shortening
In large bowl, combine all dry ingredients. With pastry blender cut in shortening until mixture resembles cornmeal in texture. Store in airtight container. Use within 10-12 weeks. Makes about 13 cups.

Wheat Pancakes
1 egg, slightly beaten
1½ cups water
2¼ cups wheat pancake mix
Combine egg and water. Stir in wheat mix until just moistened. Cook on hot oiled griddle 3-4 minutes. Makes 15 (4 inch) pancakes.

Peter went on Hannah's school field trip to the zoo and took Katie along as well. They had a great time.

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They can be such good sisters when they want to.

The girls helping plant seedlings for our garden.

Can you tell someone is having a good sunday?