Monday, January 26, 2009

Lysol Rebate

You can get a $5 Rebate when you buy 2 Lysol products and take your child to the Doctor, so if you have plans between January and March to take your child to the doctor, take advantage of this rebate. You can print out the form at
or if this doesn't work for you, just google: "Lysol Rebate with doctor visit".

Madi Monster Makes a Mess


How could something so cute, make so many messes? Madison is into climbing and destroying anything and everything in her path. She is up on top of the table every time I turn around and she will find food, no matter how well hidden. It is a good thing she is so cute!!!!
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

How many kids are you going to have?

The other day Hannah and I were chatting while Katie and Madison were asleep. Our conversation went something like this...

Hannah: "Did Anna's mom have to go the hospital to have her baby taken out"
Kim: "Yes"
Hannah: "I'm not going to have any kids. Maybe Katie will want to have some kids"

Just 2 weeks prior Hannah told me she was going to have 5 or 6 girls when she was a mom. I wondered why she had had a change of heart in about 2 weeks time, so I asked Why. Hannah told me she wasn't going to have any kids because then she would have to go to the hospital. She truly is my child==I try to avoid/get out of any pain as quickly as possible. Maybe she will be blessed like me and have what I consider to be relatively easy deliveries. I'm grateful my pain tolerance goes up during that time in my life.