Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Fun Filled Summer

We have had a fun summer, so fun that I haven't managed to blog for the past couple of months so here is a recap of what kept us so busy.

I painted the pillars and one wall in our front room and am trying to decorate the mantle in our family room.


Planting a caring for our garden that didn't fare well after too much hail.

I trained for a half marathon that I didn't run due to an injury I got with one of my feet.

1-2 hours of pool time each day (weather permitting-it seemed to be fairly cool this summer with a lot of rain showers in the afternoon, so we didn't see the pool as much as we would have liked.

Las Vegas for Peter and Kim: all expenses paid trip included airfare on a private jet. We saw the Blue Man Group, Cirque de Soleil "O", Jersey Boys, The Bodies Exhibit, and ate a lot of really nice food.

Flying W Ranch where we saw a horse being "shoed", Indian hoop dances, ate a chuckwagon meal and watched a show. One of the highlights of the summer. The girls keep asking when we can go back again.

Buckskin Joes railroad and cowboy town by the Royal Gorge. Not worth the money or the drive by me, but the kids had fun with their cousins and the scenery was beautiful. I'd like to go back if we could go hiking or white water rafting.

Canning Peaches, Pears and Peach Jam: Yum-Yum, We'll see how long they last.

Hannah started Kindergarten and Katie is in preschool. They both love school and we have all enjoyed the time that Mom has with each of the girls by themselves. Hannah and Katie are in a soccer clinic for a couple of weeks and love it.