Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Creche



Since Hannah was sick tonight, Katie and mom bundled up and headed to the Creche exhibit being put on at the church. We had some hot chocolate to stay warm and watched a live nativity, then headed inside to see all of the nativities that had been donated. Katie had a great time taking pictures of lots of them. Then we made a trip to the store where Katie got to push the cart! Katie and I don't have lots of chances to be together one on one so it was a great night for both of us.
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(Pretty decent photos for a 4 year old.)

Who doesn't like a chocolate nativity. This wouldn't last long in our house.


Rachel said...

Great pictures! I miss Katie, tell her "hi" from Miss Rachel.

nelsonjeneen said...

That chocolate nativity is really cool. I wonder how they made it?

Jennifer Kendall said...

Those middle kids sometimes get jipped in the Mommy-alone time!! Glad you guys got our together!